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Ten Years

Fresh To Deaf: Let’s Make Out

With the sudden turn of events leading up to me weaning myself outta
this horrible writer’s block, i took a gander at some older posts from late September of ’11 and was reunited with my love of indie hip hop, gumbi, bill murray and sega genesis. Let’s Make Out – is what happens when you mix madlib, half a cup of
16-bit gaming consoles and couple of blunts on a shady day.

Back in 2012 me and my pal Priggs had the opportunity to chill with
and play a short improv set with Steven (aka Let’s Make Out) here in
the sunny land of New Mexico at The Gasworks in my short-lived 3 piece
-The American Idols. The show didn’t last long but it was cool as we
proceeded to the downtown to be barflies and enjoy more local music.

As one of my favorite indie rap/hip hop artist I suggest you give him and his
tracks a real poke ‘n prod. Although some of his newer tracks can exclusively be
found on his soundcloud, the majority of the mixtapes he’s released
can be purchased or downloaded on Below are some of my
favorite tracks. New or old, they deserve a listen.

Helpless – Let’s Make Out

Sweetheart – Let’s Make Out

Lolita Haze – Let’s Make Out