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Ten Years

Fuzzworthy: Golden Coast

The leaves are starting to turn and summer stands teetering on the brink. With colleges and universities opening their doors once more, all hope seems lost. But alas! A Golden sound is punching holes and perforating the clouds of pre-exam life misery! For those of you looking for that perfect Frosh week hand-clapper, look no further! Golden Coast has your back.

I never thought a song so upbeat would conjure up some pretty sensitive emotions, but alas, I find myself on the feels-side of a pair of misty eyes.

You don’t need no education to be // All we need is a dream and an MPC

As someone literally chasing their dreams (this… what I’m doing right now. The whole writing about music bit. The bit you’re reading), and someone rather confusingly caught in the Generation Y never-ending loop of “What the fuck am I doing with my life”, there seems no song more poignant leading up to my next few weeks heading back to University. Fortunately, my passion and education don’t stray in completely opposite directions (recent papers written include: Top 40 Music and Gender, Top 40 Music and Drugs/Alcohol, etc. etc.) Sociology has been rather generous to my fascination with all things music related. However, one degree and thousands upon thousands of dollars later I still won’t get a job in the field. To put it into perspective, I’ve hardly spent a dime on covering music. Hmmm…

But I digress! Golden Coast (Denny White & Steven Mudd) are brand new on the scene and bound to make a splash. With upbeat synthetics along the lines of Detroit two-piece Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr and the soaring harmonious vocals of blogosphere superhero St. Lucia, there’s plenty to be excited about for these West Coasters in the future. Keep your bananas peeled for their debut EP currently in the works.

Oh and eat your vegetables and don’t drop out or whatever