The New LoFi

Ten Years

Fuzzworthy: Warm Tones


T-Minus twelve hours till I take off to the tumultuous tropics. If it wasn’t already plainly obvious, the ocean is home. But what’s tequila without music? I’ve been blessed in more ways than one as of late, and music has been trickling through on steady stream. So prepare to be drowned in sound, awash in the warmth of these glorious tones. Kick it off with VNITI’s shuffling keys and vibrant vocal vibrations. Toss some neon around your neck and let a grin loose, Tear Council will send you soaring through the night. Get funkadelic with Unknown Mortal Orchesta’s latest floral circusry, then mellow out Mac DeMarco style with Keath Mead’s lazy lament, ‘Grow Up’.

peace love and dreams