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Like many of you out there, I enjoy going for a run while listening to tunes. This has gotten easier throughout the years. When I first started I had a giant walkman that I’d carry around in my hands while running. That sucks after a few miles. I then switched to a little portable am/fm radio that swimmers used but that was bad too and didn’t last long. Finally I just started humming or singing out loud cause unless it was winter and I had a jacket, there was no way to carry a CD player in your shorts for 10 miles without it skipping. Trust me, I tried.

I’m now training for the Tough Mudder race and of course, the right tunes are vital. Personally, I enjoy making my own mix or listening to another dj’s mix so I don’t have to think about changing songs while huffin and puffin. However, there’s this really cool website that does a lot of the work for you and it’s called Jog FM.

Basically, you find the activity you’d like to do and how fast you wanna do it, Jog FM then provides you with playlists that match your mile pace which you can then buy or stream. If you’re running around with your computer phone it works pretty well. You can always buy the playlist for later. But honestly, it’s a lot more fun to make your own right? Plenty of good music to choose from here at TNLF!