The New LoFi

Ten Years

Hello, hilo

John Andersen is hilo (pronounced hee-lo). I swear. He told me himself.  Composing electronic music is what hilo is all about. I have a feeling that if  Mozart was alive today, he’d put the harpsichord on the shelf and fire up his Macbook Air and start making music like this. Personally, I feel like when I’m listening, hilo becomes the soundtrack to the daily adventures I seem to get myself into. At times minimal, at others, very lush, it’s rather perfect. Have a listen to these selections from the Into the Stream EP, and see if they don’t just sweep you up and put you into a world of your own making. Enjoy.

[audio:|titles=Hilo – Greenhouse ]
Hilo – Greenhouse

[audio:|titles=Hilo – Liberation]
Hilo – Liberation

[audio:|titles=Hilo – Surrounded]
Hilo – Surrounded

[audio:|titles=Hilo – JoyStick]
Hilo – JoyStick