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Ten Years

Indie International III

Welcome to Indie International, the semi-never piece that features indie artists of all stripes and sizes from all corners of our beautiful globe. These are bands and artists fresh off popping their cherries and baking their first batches of music. So without further adieu, here’s a spoon. Let’s dig in!


I’ve always been a sucker for the strong female alternative fuzzrock bands. Wye Oak and Twin Sister were my first modern soirees, and now someone new approaches to the dance. Phosphene is an indie rock quartet based out of Oakland, and they just released their first LP. The soundscapes are just the type of garage-based lo-fi I love, and call me a sucker but I bet they’d be downright charming to witness live. You can check out the full album here, and if you’re feeling like paying for a sandwich and a coffee they’re gladly accepting that same monetary value in exchange for the album. For now, satiate your appetites with my personal two favorites.


Bass Lions

Already featured in, a music mag in Canada that nobody actually reads, Bass Lions is a Kitchener-based band making some absolutely eclectic tunes. For those of you who don’t know where Kitchener is, it’s a city just west enough of Toronto to be tragically downwind. But there’s no stench afoul in these gents tunes, unless of course you count the stench of sweat and radical. ‘We Got Guts’ is their first single off their upcoming album to be released on October 22nd, so give them a follow on soundcloud and patiently wait for more ear-candy.

(just kidding exclaim, I could use a job. You guys still pay in Goldfish Crackers right?)



In keeping with the themes of weird and Canadian, I present you, Allegories, and their single ‘Funny Way of Loving You”. The mysterious duo(?) sent me a rather cryptic set of emails, and although I was slightly mortified it certainly drew my attention. I have no idea whether or not they’re Canadian, but music like this tends to come out of the Winnipeg area (plus the video looks like our backyard). The song itself is a rather gorgeous soundscape of down-tempo electro-pop. Like if Moby hung out with Bono and both of them decided to make better music. It’s just the flavor for a hazy Wednesday night. Be sure to watch their rather haunting video included below.


And that wraps up tonight’s edition of the Indie International! Would you like your music to be featured on the next installment? Send an email to (me) and include a soundcloud link and a smiley face. Maybe you’ll tickle my fancy!