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Ten Years

Janet Jackson + Kaytranada

Ooooooooo, boy do I have a track to kick off your weekend!

Janet Jackson gets the remix treatment by Kaytranada in this big-bouncing disco-funk rework of “If.”

Hmmm… Disco Funk…. “Dunk?”

Who’s Kaytranada you ask? Kaytranada is the alias of an up-and-coming Montreal based producer by the name of Kevin Celestin. “Kaytranada” is a play on “Canada” I’m guessing(???) Either way, this dude has got my attention with this get-the-party-started remix. And he’s no one-hit-wonder either. He has a few other great remixes on his soundcloud page including a mix of Modjo’s classic “Lady,” and remix of Missy Elliot’s lesser known track “Sock It To Me.”

Anyway, it’s all very genre bending stuff. Soul meets funk. Funk meets electronica. Electronica goes off and gives birth to Kaytranada kind of stuff.