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Ten Years

Neon Indian: VEGA INTL. Night School


“… The atmospheric anchor amidst the layered lunacy is Alan Palomo’s infectious charismatic presence. The pace is consistently schizophrenic. Instrumental interludes blend in to songs mid-hook, beats drop and leave baselines exposed, only to morph in to entirely new arrangements. The effect is intoxicating; VEGA INTL. is a dystopian club crawl, and the centerpiece on every stage at every venue is Palomo. Different suit, different beat. It’s impossible not to become lost in the world he has created, Palomo feels everywhere at once.”

Check out the latest release, “The Glitzy Hive” below.

Neon Indian’s third LP is due out October 16th. Preorder the album on itunes.

[audio:|titles=Neon Indian – The Glitzy Hive]
Neon Indian – The Glitzy Hive