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Ten Years

Soulection + Tom Misch

Two fantastic discoveries for you today. First up is the Soulection White Label series. The series highlights short 2 to 4 track EP’s from some of the most forward-thinking artists worldwide with a new release every Friday (#WhiteLabelFriday). The series is only available on Soundcloud; a digital source that embraces new music as it becomes available almost daily now. And if that doesn’t sweeten up your weekend enough, every release has a sexy album cover designed by the very talented Andre Power to accompany each artist.

Last week saw the addition of Tom Misch to the series. He’s an 18 year-old composer, songwriter, guitarist, singer and violinist that produces all his music in his bedroom in London. He has a fantastic knowledge of obscure jazz and R&B inspired hip-hop beats which help create a very smooth and intelligent sound. His goal is to “make instrumentals that will effect peoples mood in a positive way but also make people think.”

Download his latest release entitled Beat Tape 1 on the Tom Misch Bandcamp page.

Tom Misch – The Journey