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Ten Years

Summer Sounds

With the temperatures rising, my tolerance for sporting my daisy-dukes whilst cruising hard on my long board does too. But like any fine dine, you must have cheese with your wine so I’ve taken some time to compile a few of my favorite  summer tunes that condone splitting wigs and blunts with your buddies.



Little Racer – Modern Accent EP

First on the list goes to one of our favorite beach groups from the Brooklyn area -Little Racer. If you dig catchy melodies and hooks with a glass of sunshine theses dudes are right up your alley/sandbar. With 3 singles out since their first few releases (Split For The Coast/The Town) these (usually) bearded babes plan to grace us with a fresh new EP, Modern Accent, on 4/8 through Papercup Music  in US and Young & Lost Club in the UK. you can catch their newest released singles at the bands bandcamp or if you live in the Williamsburg neighborhood area you can grab your lays and head to their EP release party on April 12th at Baby’s All Right with supporting acts Honduras, The Teen Age, and White Reaper.


Little Racer – Dancing


Diabiase has been the top mix-master of mine for quite sometime now. From layered sounds to Dora The Explorer, Dibiase is sure to soothe the summer soul with his retro sounding glitch-beats comparable to Flying Lotus’ early tracks. You can grab his latest releases including “Exscuse The Tape Hiss and Up The Joystick 2 [hidden levels] -my personal favorite.

Martin Vidal

Martin Vidal has been quite the successor in West Hollywood. I haven’t seen or heard too many releases in recent news but his album Everything You Ever Lost still shines every ray that can be shone. radioactive or not, you can find the bulk of his mixes and music at his bandcamp.

Martin Vidal – Ghana


I’m a very wild person. i like wild movies. i enjoy wild women. I wear wild clothes (so says my mother). I play and perform wild music. Consequentially, many styles of music i list as influential and enjoyable would be and can be describes as wild. But whats even wilder, is to take a peek at Nuito.

Nuito is labeled as a mathrock 3-piece group from Japan. Much like the bands Hella or Tera Melos, Nuito incorporates and perfectly executes super difficult time signatures with stop-touch-go dynamics. In this particular song 弋 (pronounced…弋?) Nuito pretty much just STARTS OUT with a blaze of drums and guitar tapping techniques.

In regards to any newer material, they seem pretty elusive. I’m not sure if they’re on hiatus broken up or just busy but you can find about as much as i was able to about these guys and their newest album Unutella (2008) here.

Nuito – 弋

Marc Demarco

This guy is strange. And his music is not much more normal than you would or might expect.
Marc Demarco is the guy in your high school who’d play his busted ass guitar with a busted ass amp out in the courtyard during the lunch period, whom only people of similar strangeness would dare try to interact with.

A fellow Canadian who labels himself as “jizz-jazz”. -And for some stupid fuckin reason i cannot get over him, his stage preformances or his sound but he’s definitely worth your while. Oh, and lets not mention how badly i just want to lick the gap in his pearly white teeth.

Marc Demarco – She’s Really All I Need