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Ten Years

The Caulfield Beats

The Caulfield Beats are Lawrence Northall and Molly Dixon. A two­-piece DIY electronics band.

It’s not often that you would use the phrase “garage band” when describing electronic artists but The Caulfield Beats manage to have one foot in the minimalistic techno world while retaining the soul of a do-it-yourself garage band. Spontaneity versus repetition, organic versus mechanical, the uncontrolled versus the restrained; this is the sound of a band unafraid to dismantle the idea of what dance music can be. They call it ‘garage electronics.’

While the attached MP3s below will give you an idea of what The Caulfield Beats sound like I’m worried that this won’t be enough to do the band justice. You simply can’t appreciate the duo fully unless you go to see their live show. Already reputed for their visually immersive gigs featuring custom live projections, The Caulfield Beats are questioning the traditional separation of dance music from live bands.

The duo will release their debut album, “NewAcid,” this September. Check it out next month and try and go see them live if you can.

The Caulfield Beats – 90s Love (Acid, Pt. II)

The Caulfield Beats – Acid pt. I