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Ten Years

Tobor Experiment Disco Experience

Why haven’t I ever heard this before? Throw Air and Daft Punk together and you get Tobor Experiment Disco Experience. As Another Night on Earth puts it “this record is so damned fine, it deserves more than just a glance, it deserves a f*cking monument.” Also included is Disco Moog, a single the slipped by me in 2008.

tobor experiment disco experience – breathe

[audio:|titles=tobor experiment disco experience]
tobor experiment disco experience – disco moog


Giorgio Sancristoforo (Milan, 1974) is a music producer and multimedia artist. He has devoted 360° of his life to his art; with interactive installations, experimental softwares, video-art, and contemporary music. At the same time, Giorgio has an insane passion for 70s pop disco and moogxploitation. Synthesizers, tape recorders, and vintage Fender basses are his favorite obsessions. In 2008 he has released his first EP with Bear Funk: Disco Moog, and now has presented his first self-titled LP. A love letter music and a lost friend.