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Ten Years

Dengue Fever

If you ask J-Oates what my musical preferences are, he will quickly tell you that I’m drawn to “driving basslines”. If that’s true, then “Thank You Goodbye” from Dengue Fever is my new anthem. Let’s break this song down a little: lyrics = thank you goodbye, you’re just another stamp in my passport” ….. driving basslines, driving backbeat, organs, horns, abba style chorus, multi-lingual lyrics and spoken word, female harmonies. What a mash-up of influences and sounds? I’m going to listen to this all day.

The LA based Dengue Fever, named after an infectious tropical disease may not be a disease in the typical sense but they’re definitely infectious. Their sound seems to have influences ranging from Jefferson Airplane to Abba with major elements being pulled from ¬†psychedelic surf rock, cambodian 60’s pop and cambodian karaoke inspired vocals. Dengue Fever has been around since early 2000’s but their latest release is the first time I heard of them. Check out their 2001 release Cannibal Courtship on Spotify.