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Ten Years

Bobby Uzoma: Alone

I’m really excited to share the new single from Toronto-based singer / songwriter / producer Bobby Uzóma. Two years ago Uzóma released a chilling and soulful debut called “Sleeve” and it still sends shivers down my spine when I hear it.

A year later he came back onto the scene with his track “Holy Grails” which started to put Uzóma on the map for his unique variety of electro-soul. The combination of his liquid-hot vocals paired with a slowly building backing track is Uzóma’s signature. He’s a master at building up the tension in a track and holding you there. And there is no exception with his most recent release: “Alone.”

“Alone” starts out with the sound of light rain and a fluttering cymbal to carry the percussion. Uzóma’s slides and then is quickly accompanied by minimal snares and kick drums.

Have a listen to the new single below:

Bobby Uzóma – Alone