The New LoFi

Ten Years

Little Star Dweller

Today’s last tracks comes from Brooklyn’s Little Star Dweller. I wasn’t sure what to think of their sound at first but it kind of just pulled me in. Deeper. Then deeper. Then it swallowed me completely and chewed me up into little bits. Before I knew it I was listening to every track they had up on Soundcloud. Silencenogood said it really well when they said, “This trio of electro-nonesense is something with a lotta potential and possibly a forerunner in whatever style you wanna call this – kinda like that Smokey Robotic Superfuturistic sound.” I was going originally going to post only two of their tracks; Catch A Killer, the lead single off their upcoming Catch A Killer EP. And then their jazzed up version of Washed Out’s Echoes. But I couldn’t help myself so I also included 4 additional tracks that I was especially into, including their remix of Kraymer’s Shake That Booty. I had to fight myself not to add more.

Catch A Killer by Little Star Dweller

Washed Out – Echoes (Little Star Dweller Remix) by Little Star Dweller

Kraymer – Shake That Booty (Little Star Dweller Remix) by Little Star Dweller

Cru The Dynamic – Life Line (Feat. Little Star Dweller) by Little Star Dweller

Grouper – Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping (Little Star Dweller Mix) by Little Star Dweller

Das Racist – Hahahaha JK (Little Star Dweller Remix) by Little Star Dweller