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Ten Years

Chillwave Wednesday II

Time for another installment of Chillwave Wednesday. This week we’re featuring producers from Brooklyn to Holland. First up is LA producer imprintafter who brings us his dazed-out trip-hop track filled with glitchy vocals called “Never Loved U.” This track is the first single off of his debut EP “Kat Secks” which is due to release late August / early September.

Next up is a Santa Cruz based producer Tom Cascino who creates music under the name Broke For Free. The first single off of his second album “Layers” is called “As Colorful As Ever” and it has this surreal ethereal sound powered by a backwards playing melody and eastern inspired strings. “Layers” is a perfect name for this album as there are many textures throughout. Broke For Free’s third album “Leaf” was released this Monday, August 13th and is available for free download on the Broke For Free Bandcamp page.

Reed Kackley is the moniker for Silent Rider, a Brooklyn-based electronic producer who uses melodramatic vocals and a wave of synths to compliment the sharp percussion in his track “I Was A Bomb.” His debut self-tilted album was envisioned as electronic project based on R&B with a strong dubstep influence. Shortly after the writing process began, however, the sound morphed into a fusion of several genres, including trip-hop, electronic pop and downtempo. The album is due out September 18th and will be available on the Silent Rider website.

We’ve featured our last artist for this Wednesday’s mix a couple of times. David Douglas needs no intro, but I thought his track “Athabasca Pass” would be a perfect cap to this week’s post. Happy Wednesday!