The New LoFi

Ten Years

Hands In

Erick Crosby is a one man band producing music under the name Hands In since 2012. Based in Portland, Oregon, Erick records in various locations with primitive equipment… weaved into a strange mixture of pop and pyschedelic sounds, wrapped in a lo-fi package.

Early on most of Hands In’s recordings were released on home-dubbed cassette tapes, filled with noise and experimental pieces. Most of these recordings have been compiled, and released online as digital EPs now.

This year Hands In released his first complete album entitled Polyester Itch. Below I’m including a track off of Crosby’s early EP’s called “The Maniacs” as well as the first single off the new album called “Take Time Enough.”

Give Erick a shout on the Hands In Facebook page and check out all the music available for purchase on the Hands In Bandcamp page.

[audio:|titles=The Maniacs]
HANDS IN – The Maniacs

[audio:|titles=Take Time Enough]
HANDS IN – Take Time Enough