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Bizzare yet oddly addictive Japanese music vid

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What’s not to like about hot japanese strippers prancing around to an extremely catchy tune? Who care’s if you have no idea what the slick dudes in white suits are talking about?

The song is called “Nettaiya” (熱帯夜) and means “tropical night” or “sultry night” depending on how you translate it. I think the video might have something to do with that…

You have to admit, the song is pretty damn catchy and the video was shot in one take which is pretty impressive (rumor has it that shooting the whole thing in one take was extremely difficult because the women kept taking their clothes off). I give this video two thumbs up for making your Monday evening 100% more awesome.

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[audio:熱帯夜-Nettaiya.mp3|titles=熱帯夜 (Nettaiya)]
Rip Slyme – 熱帯夜 (Nettaiya)

*(Thanks E for sending me the video)