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Hotboxin Tonight

Hey There! So today I found out something interesting. While trying to upload a lil NY mini mix I got a neat lil email from Soundcloud sayin that I couldn’t upload it cause it had a sample of Ace Frehley’s NY Groove. I had no idea I was living in Communist frickin Russia but to make matters worse, the reason involved copyright infringements of muzak owned by Universal Argentina. Being of Brazilian brownicity, I find that especially wampy.

Anyway, I did another one with a Education of Sonny Carson sample that hopefully gets uploaded without any hitches (go to This isn’t mastered, it’s done live and I plan on doing it live tonight at The Cove for HOTBOX, my monthly/bi-weekly review of all things pertaining to the sustained vibration of ze booty. So yeah, come get your swerve on, you’ve worked hard all week and dagnabit you deserve it.

P.S. I own the above mask in gold

[audio: EMPIRE.mp3|titles=Jonny Santos – Open Empire (Jonny Santos’ Fault Remix)]

Jonny Santos – Open Empire (Jonny Santos’ Fault)