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Ten Years

Kristy Kruger It Hurts Most of All


Independent musician Kristy Kruger has been a friend for over ten years now. She has spent most of those ten years with a razor sharp focus on studying, evolving and perfecting her craft. When I first met her, she was doing a lot of singer songwriter influenced music. That said, she has an extensive formal education in various types of music so you could always hear different influences creep into her songs. As pointed out below, her music spans classical, jazz, folk, and rock. I should also point out that she often plays all the instruments on her albums. The last time we spoke, she played the piano, organ, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, banjo and harmonica. Yet, with all of the miles traveled, all of the songs sung, all of the showed played, she never put out a video. Until now.

Check out the video for … It Hurts Most of All When I’m Standing Still. 

Blurb via the SXSW YouTube Channel

Songwriter and artist Kristy Krüger has an extensive history in music that spans classical, jazz, folk, and rock genres. Throughout the course of her career as a pianist and composer, Krüger won a multitude of state, national, and international awards for jazz and classical composition and performance. When she shifted gears into the world of the singer/songwriter, she brought a broad spectrum of influences with her, ranging from Hank Williams, Sr. to Miles Davis as she criss-crossed the country, touring alone for over six years. Her untraditional jazz-influenced approach to folk music has carried her throughout the United States, and secured her status as a favorite in her hometown of Dallas, Texas.

[audio:|titles=It Hurts Most of All When I’m Standing Still]
Kristy Kruger – It Hurts Most of All When I’m Standing Still