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Ten Years

Montevideo Mondays (XVIII)

So I mentioned lots of times the deep roots of the uruguayan scene with the folk (or folclore roots) that sometimes are hard to distinguish in the songs. The thing is, some uruguayan songwriters also have an experimental approach that can combine with that traditional approach. Not to say that Florencia Núñez is an experimental songwriter, but she definitely can move with freedom within genres.

Possibly influenced a lot by lots of local well known names such as Franny Glass and also other indie influences, her music also pays respect to a local, urban way to play candombe in a folkie tune and maybe also to that uruguayan funky bible called Martín Buscaglia. That may be the case of Cabo, one of the nicer songs on her soundcloud profile. Pieces of Jorge Drexler and his brother Daniel and of course, Fernando Cabrera can be found on her tracks of that soundcloud account.

Those tracks are an advance of Mesopotamia, her first record. Mesopotamia is the name of a geographic area that can be translated to “land between rivers”. That may channel the geographic inspired approach of other regional artists such as Liliana Herrero and Ana Prada, women who love to sing to the rivers and the things that happen in those regions. But for being sure of that, we should listen to the record (comes out tomorrow) and drop by Florencia´s facebook. Here you can hear Qué planes tienes para el sábado (which plans do you have for saturday), a song posted on the aforementioned soundcloud.