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Ten Years

Rhum For Pauline

Rhum For Pauline is a four piece band out of Nantes, France. Their first LP, “Miami,” was released last year, and now they’ve got this brand new single, “Can Reach For The Top” to announce their upcoming EP by the same title.

The video, which was produced by Incredible Kids (also based in Nantes), fits the song pretty well with it’s subtle yet and straightforward execution… And what a great concept for a video: follow a ridiculously hot, yet understated chick around her apartment while she does silly things. A winning formula every time.

Rhum For Pauline will be releasing their new EP “Can Reach For The Top” January 25th on FUTUR Records.

[audio: For Pauline – I Can Reach The Top.mp3|titles=Rhum For Pauline – I Can Reach The Top]
Rhum For Pauline – I Can Reach The Top