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Ten Years

Sam Sure: ‘Hunger’

As a perennial foot-path addict, I’m always perusing soundscapes looking for the appropriate atmosphere to slap my feet to concrete. In strolls Sam Sure, his sound even more certain than his name, with a debut single and a swagger as fresh as rain. Premiering on Zane Lowe’s show only a few hours ago, I was turned onto this track by the always musically nutritious folks over at Earmilk. Sam’s silky sound should be no surprise to those floating around the soundcloud scene; he garnered huge accolades for his smooth delivery and hopeless romanticism on the single “You” from TCTS a few months ago.

Maybe it’s my penchant for chronically over-thinking every romantic interaction I have, but Sure’s debating lyricism flies perfectly in-tune with the endless shitstorm in my head.

You should hold your breath from behind your texts // And second guess all the things that wrap around my head

Chemicals and pheromones. #Yunglife

The potential here is absolutely mind-bending, signed to Black Butter Records, it doesn’t take Miss Cleo to predict that Sam’s future is in the stars.