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Ten Years

Stevie Parker: Without You

Art is subjective. In most cases, if not handed the meaning, a performance piece can be interpreted in any manner one chooses. Stevie Parker’s visuals for “Without You” is the perfect example of subjectivity. Individuals who don’t attempt to derive their own meaning from this piece will be left lost in a maze,  filled with the utmost amount of confusion.

I’m absolutely intrigued by the visual display in “Without You” — not to overshadow the vocal perfection.


Through my eyes, this video depicts an almost-broken character attempting to keep the puzzle pieces in tact. We’re left wondering if we are witnessing an emotionless Parker or an individual who experiences more emotional turmoil than the average human; It’s very confusing. However, that’s simply my own pretentious interpretation. It could as well just be a weird girl being weird. But weird’s good; I like weird. Either way, i’m very impressed by the Bristol singer.

Watch the official music video for “Without You” here: