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Ten Years

The Wilde

Luke deWilde is the San Francisco-based multi-instrumentalist indie electronic hip hop singer and producer behind The Wilde. That’s a lot of adjectives for one artist, I know, but it is truly hard to nail down what deWilde sounds like with words. He takes inspiration from so many sources that it’s hard not to use a long-winded description like this. And his music is better for it.

It’s almost as if deWilde is trying to escape the idea of being categorized into one genre. Or perhaps he’s redefining how we categorize music altogether. You could argue that his sound is rooted in hip hop since it’s lyrically driven, but that wouldn’t paint the whole picture.

DeWilde first popped up on our radar 3 years ago with The Space Invader Mixtape. You get the idea of how cleverly produced the mixtape is from listening to the very first single, “Spell It Out.” It’s an overture to the mixtape but if you’re really paying close attention, the first letter of the first word of each verse literally spells out the album title. I love that kind of attention to detail. It rewards people who are listening closely.

At the end of this month, The Wilde will release his first official EP called Coverups. DeWilde has admitted that the album is a love letter to music – a compilation of covers of his all-time favorite tracks which are mashed up together to become “Coverups.”

The first single off the album is called “Girlie Magazines” and you can hear how he’s taken inspiration from bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Grieves. It’s nostalgic. It’s melancholy. It’s reminiscent of summer nights and early heartbreaks.

Listen to the track below, and look out for the full EP March 31st.