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TNLF CMJ Sampler / Recap / Mixtape

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was filled with lot’s of sun, lot’s of music and lot’s of fun. In the spirit of sharing and being neighborly, here’s a little CMJ mixtape / sampler to recap some of the greatness that I heard. This may be a first in a series or it may be the one and only in the series. Who really knows these things? Either way, there are great tunes on this mixtape and a lot of the artists are artists I never heard before CMJ. To be honest though, I snuck one track on here that has nothing to do with the showcase. I guess I have the right to do that type of shit when I’m the one posting these things. If you find out which artist/track wasn’t part of the showcase, I will give you a very special something. I can’t say what it is yet because I haven’t thought that far ahead. Anyhow, enjoy the mix and pass it on if you love it or even like it. Also, you may have noticed the video above. It’s one I took from the VFW Group showcase at The Bowery Ballroom. Check it out, Surfer Blood doing Swim. Loving the iPhone 4 HD video camera. Loving this mix more.

Fast Forward Regrets The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!
London Town Man Like Me
5678 Fake Problems
Grown Unknown Lia Ices
Lemonade Braids
Vendela Vida Dinosaur Feathers
My Parents Lied The Static Jacks
The Great Escape Aidan Hawken
I’ll Never Live Up To You  John Vanderslice
Living In America DOM
Ribbons Of Light Kids Of 88
Recklessness Radical Dads
Box Elder (Pavement Cover) Surfer Blood
Summer Holiday Wild Nothing
Into The Sun Lord Huron
When You Were Mine Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele

[audio:|titles=tnlf cmj mixtape]

TNLF CMJ Mixtape