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Ten Years

G.L.A.M. Rocks

My cousin from L.A. stayed at my place recently and while she was over she turned me onto some very cool new music. One artist that stuck out in particular was the 18 year old G.L.A.M. I ROCK.  In the spirit of keeping you up to date with the freshest new artists out there, this weeks New LoFind is G.L.A.M. I Rock.

G.L.A.M. is a super talented rapper, singer and producer that hails from Oakland, CA and currently resides in Los Angeles. It’s really impressive that at such a young age she has successfully appropriated various elements of Hip-Hop, R & B, Electronica and Jazz to create her own unique “future sound”. G.L.A.M. has taken her music and performance on the road and has been showcasing her talents at various public events and clubs throughout Los Angeles. Check out these killer home brewed tracks on TNLF and then go buy them on iTunes. I still can’t believe this girl is only 18. I’m really looking forward to watching her career and unique sound develop. If she sticks with it, she’s gonna be huge.

LITTLE MOVEMENT [audio:|titles=Little Movement]

TURN UP THE BASS [audio:|titles=Turn Up The Bass]

NEW CURRICULUM [audio:|titles=01 New Curriculum]

EMPTY AVE [audio:|titles=EmptyAve]

BUY G.L.A.M. I ROCK on iTunes