The New LoFi

Ten Years

Alexandra Scott

Alexandra Scott is ethereal in both sound and physicality. Slight, glittery, and bright eyed, she catches the attention of a room by just standing there, not that she ever does. Before hearing her sing, you are distracted by her voluminous tutu, barely-there shimmering top, and her exquisite facial structure. But as soon as she opens her mouth all of this disappears and you are enveloped by her soulful, slightly sad voice singing what she calls music to make out to, to dance to, and to sing along to, which everyone was. Her goal is for the audience to be “lost in the songs, captured by the music” and even when listening to recordings of her, you truly are.

Inspired by Mazzy Star, Radiohead, and her uncle, she plays a mix of genres that come together to form Dream-a-billy, or sometimes Folk-and-Roll. Either way, her entrancing sounds combine with old-fashioned bluegrass campfire style music to create not just songs, but stories. Throughout the show, Alexandra thanked the audience for not only being there, but for interacting and connecting with her music, because without them, the music is, “ just more masturbatory. Masturbation is great. Its something you should do, but it’s nice to have sex too.” She feels that what songs mean to her is irrelevant, because to each person, each song means something entirely different. Everyone relates in a new way, but as long as the audience is vibeing well with her and enjoying the show, that’s what matters. For her performance on 10/11/2012, she played as Alexandra and the Grapefruits at d.b.a New Orleans. The Grapefruits are Alexis Marceaux and Sam Craft.

Alexandra Scott – Elvis