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Brite Winter (Review)

The good news: it didn’t snow. The bad news: it was 11 degrees with -7 wind chill. After a few hours and loss of feeling to the lower half in your body, you realize it’s not that bad. The beer, bonfires and music help. And when your beer freezes over while you’re drinking, it hits you. This is what Brite Winter is all about: embracing the cold. You, the festival goer, left your house and chose to stand in the freezing cold with the rest of your fellow Clevelanders. The winter will not stop us.

Below are a few photos and tracks from the standout bands of the night.


Cruiser set a great tone for the evening by 3/4th of their band going shirtless by the end of their set.

[audio:|titles=Cruiser – Don’t Go Alone]
Cruiser – Don’t Go Alone

In my opinion, every band that played on the main stage would a standout from the night, especially The Defiblators from Brooklyn, NY and Nick D’ & The Believers form Columbus, OH

Nick D & The Believers

[audio:|titles=Nick D’ & the Believers – Find A little Love]
Nick D’ & the Believers – Find A little Love

[audio:|titles=The Defiblators – Everybody’s Got a Banjo]
The Defiblators – Everybody’s Got a Banjo

There were six indoor stages that you were able to pop into throughout the night to get warm. I was lucky enough to hear music Cleveland’s Eddie Doldrum at Room Service Boutique and Shivering Timbers at Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Tasting Room, and Brooklyn’s Seasick Mama at Loren Naji Gallery.

Photo via Andrew Yadon
Eddie Doldrum | Photo via Andrew Yadon

[audio:|titles=Seasick Mama – Man Overboard]
Seasick Mama – Man Overboard

[audio:|titles=Shivering Timbers – Generations]
Shivering Timbers – Generations

Photo via Cleveland Music City
Photo via Cleveland Music City

Even though I wasn’t able to catch Seafair on the outdoor Ohio City Stage, I couldn’t hide from the buzz around their set. I have seen this local band’s set a few times so I’m not shocked that they killed it.

[audio:|titles=Seafair – Endevor]
Seafair – Endevor