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Mubarak Refuses to Step Down Fire In Cairo

Although we’re a music blog and in no way pretending to be a credible news source, it’s sometimes impossible to separate what’s going on in the rest of the world from what we’re doing here. “Fire In Cairo” from the 1979 album “Three Imaginary Boys” by The Cure has always been a personal favorite. Even after 30 years the song still stands the test of time and sounds cooler than ever. I’ve heard this track interpreted in a lot of different ways; from “a beautiful love song” to an erotic song about “fingering a girl”.

Over the last few weeks the song has taken on a new relevance. Even though it looked like there was major progress today with Mubarak stepping down, it appears it was only lip service and the furious people of Egypt will continue fighting for human rights, reform and political change . . . With that said, let’s hope there is a peaceful, non-violent resolve soon.

Peace Ya’ll, D-Hall

[audio:|titles=Fire In Cairo – The Cure]

Fire In Cairo – The Cure