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New Cry Wolf Track / Ephemeral

We are super excited to be the first blog to release Cry Wolf’s new track Ephemeral. Ephemeral builds on the previous tracks we posted that will first enchant you with delicate balladesque melodies just seconds before smashing your face in with dubstep and grime influenced beats and bass.

On Ephemeral, Cry Wolf uses a Yann Tiersen sample from one of my favorite soundtracks of all time; Amelie. Actually, it isn’t a sample, I think Justin from Cry Wolf played and rerecorded it on a glockenspeil and piano. You can stream the track below or download the MP3 exclusively on our facebook page. These guys have a really unique sound that’s standing out from a lot of the music I’m hearing right now. Every track they send us is gold. I can’t wait to hear what they do next.

Check out Cry Wolf’s other music on facebook and myspace.

Ephemeral by Cry Wolf

Download the MP3 on Our Facebook Page