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New Flying Lotus Album Out Today

I came across Flying Lotus in February, and I dig it. Some might call it ‘Acid Jazz,’ but I think ‘Trip-Chill’ is a better way to describe it. It’s like Jazz meets Trip-Hop in a highly conscious musical arrangement. Think Amon Tobin, mixed in with Portishead and Massive attack. It’s mechanical, but not overpoweringly so. It has those record static bass-lines at times, but they don’t get in the way of the lounge-like chilled-out sounds.

Here are some tracks off the new Flying Lotus album, Cosmogramm, set to release today, as well as some other tracks that fit into this newly dubbed Trip-Chill genre:

  • Flying Lotus Do The Astral Plane
  • Flying Lotus Massage Situation
  • Flying Lotus Parisian Goldfish
  • Gold Panda Quitters Raga
  • Bibio All The Flowers
  • James Blake Air & Lack Thereof
  • Rimer London Go Away
  • Quantic Time Is The Enemy
[audio:,,,,,,,|titles=Do The Astral Plane,Massage Situation,Parisian Goldfish,Quitters Raga,All The Flowers (Lone Remix),Air & Lack Thereof,Go Away,Time is the Enemy|artists=Flying Lotus,Flying Lotus,Flying Lotus,Gold Panda,Bibio,James Blake,Rimer London, Quantic]