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Ten Years

Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area Band


I think the guys over at Mixtape Riot were the first to introduce me to the idea that Afro-pop and highlife music is the perfect fit for a summertime soundtrack. It makes so much sense looking back. The parts of Africa where highlife and Afro-pop thrive enjoy a summertime climate pretty much all year round, so of course they have a lot of experience with creating music to compliment summer.

Pat Thomas and his Kwashibu Area Band prove this theory true perfectly. And he’s been at it for decades. In fact, I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t come across Pat Thomas earlier since he’s been producing music since the 70’s (I blame my ignorant western up-bringing). In deed, he is one of Ghana’s most famous musical exports.

The good news is that Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area Band have just released a new album which captures the soul of their earlier music. Thomas returned home to Accra to set up in an analog studio and recreate their earlier success with full-band arrangements and old-school afro-pop. Bandleader Kwame Yeboah said that their goal was to “continue the tradition of the late 70s and bring the roots back.” I think you’ll agree with the result.

Stream the first two tracks off the album below or buy the full album on iTunes. If you want to listen before you buy, check out the full album premiere on Hype Machine.

[audio:|titles=Mewo Akoma]
Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area Band – Mewo Akoma

[audio:|titles=Gyae Su]
Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area Band – Gyae Su