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Ten Years

The Blaze: Territory (Music Video)

French duo, Jonathan and Guillaume Alric, possess an uncanny ability to create euphoria-inducing melodies. The cousins, who are better known as The Blaze, released an EP earlier this year that left me quite speechless. I’ve attempted to write about the lead single, “Territory“, on multiple occasions since the day I discovered it about four months prior to this moment. All my attempts to depict on paper how the music makes me feel, however, seem to fall short of satisfactory. Even now —in attempt number three— I find myself, once again, failing to pen the perfect alignment of words to describe this piece. Am I failing as a writer or is this a much needed lesson that some musical pieces are simply designed to be appreciated, rather than analyzed? One thing I can conclude on, with a firm stance, is that the duo are responsible for delivering some of the most aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking visuals that I’ve encountered of late.

Watch the official video for “Territory” below | Listen to their debut EP here.