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The Weekend Fuzz: Introducing ‘Wolf Choir’

Quiet brilliance comes out of the mist of a small Surrey city. From introspective waves of reverb to funk-infusion soft punk, Wolf Choir is Aram Bahmaie, James Humphrys and Tom Hill. Their first EP, aptly titled “Mountains and Other Nice Things” dropped a few days ago and i’ve been jamming out ever since. The album is available on bandcamp for download, and I encourage you to toss a few dollars (or pounds) at these talented young dudes.

“Mountains..” opens with ‘Dilute’, a head-bobbing slow-jam that procures visions of cloudy beach walks. It’s very September appropriate. They’ve got a unique sound, the guitars bounce from left to right and the dreamy vocals of lead singer James Humphyrs conjure images of sand and foam; a light beer at sunset wearing an XXL tank top. Although the sounds are beach ready, they’re far more appropriate for a late hike in the rolling hills; a couple tight friends and a tight rolled one.

My favorite song of the album hits us with a wall of synth, followed by some solid moments of rising tension. ‘Effloresce the Illusions’ reminds me of a down-tempo ballad instrumental from Glasgow natives ‘We Were Promised Jetpacks‘ with a break around the 3 minute mark. It’s what life would sound like as a Mountain Goat, undoubtedly.

‘Marco’s Study’ is a finger-picked dream, absolutely coasting on a cloud. Humphyrs vocals are lofty, and the song hits it’s peak as the fuzz melts away the final few moments. With hints of funkadelic bass throughout, the trio dip deep in to their roots with ‘Bichon Frise’, a high-energy ode to bass slapping. It’s a slightly different sound from the rest of the album, but a great showcase for Aram Bahmaie’s bass slapping capabilities. The album ends with “These Remains”. The song swims in a blissful riff while Humphyrs toys with emotional relevance. His lyricism throughout is subtle, like a broken conversation with an ex-girlfriend, it never quite materializes and never seems to resonate. However, his diluted conversations only add to the ambient brilliance; an album lost in the woods. The sun is high in the sky, and the worries gently float away in the breeze.

Keep your bananas peeled for Wolf Choir in the future. These gents got talent as tall as trees.

(Listen to dilute, and head over to their bandcamp page to download the album)

[audio:|titles=Wolf Choir – Dilute]
Wolf Choir – Dilute