The New LoFi

Ten Years

December 2022 Mixtape

This month we’ve got new music from Little Dragon, Poolside, The Frightnrs, ODESZA, Scoobert Doobert, Nia Archives, Sea Glass, Soft Double, Albatrauss and Portugal. The Man.

This month we’re returning to form with the mix by creating a sort of musical journey across genres. The aim is to take you just a bit out of your musical comfort zone. There’s indie, there’s breakbeat, there’s tropical, there’s electronic, and there’s plenty of new music that you’ve never probably heard of before. It’s a good one for the last mixtape of the year.

Also, check out our Ten Year Anniversary album in beautiful translucent yellow vinyl. Also available in a limited-edition marbled blue vinyl as well. If you want to give the record a sample before you buy, have a listen on our mixtape special podcast here.

And before we get into the mix, here are a few featured videos from this month’s lineup:

This new video for “New Summers” by De Lux reminds me of the video for Sabotage by Beastie Boys

A bedtime story from Shygirl

“Frisco” by Little Dragon

“What, Me Worry?” video from Portugal. The Man

The trippy new Nia Archives video for her single, “Luv Like”

December 2022 Mixtape Playlist

  1. De Lux – New Summers (07:58)
  2. Sea Glass x Benét – (i have jokes) If You Wanna Hear One (12:46)
  3. Soft Double – Silver City Star (15:48)
  4. Portugal. The Man – What, Me Worry? (19:31)
  5. Little Dragon – Frisco (22:25)
  6. Scoobert Doobert – September (Earth, Wind and Fire Cover) (25:52)
  7. The Frightnrs – 30-56 (29:47)
  8. Parbleu – Pas De Saints Au Paradis (32:10)
  9. Ela Minus – Pájaros en Verano (39:27)
  10. Guy Contact – Kickflip Bouquet (42:38)
  11. Catz n Dogz – Modern Romance (Bella Boo Remix) (48:06)
  12. Albatrauss x Galaxy 80 – Creature of Color (53:22)
  13. Time Wharp – Lupron (58:10)
  14. Poolside – Rainy Daze (01:02:51)
  15. Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – Galaxy (01:08:40)
  16. Romaal Kultan – One Moment Please (01:13:05)
  17. Shygirl – Coochie (a bedtime story) (01:16:10)
  18. Nia Archives – Luv Like (01:19:13)
  19. Isola – Ricorda (Tell Me) (01:22:02)
  20. ODESZA – All My Life (01:29:46)
  21. a.s.o. – Go On (01:32:36)
  22. Little Dragon – Peace (feat. Stefan Sandberg) (01:35:29)

    ********* SECRET SONG *********
  23. Fantastic Twins x Manfredas – Gimme Pizza (01:41:00)