The New LoFi

Ten Years

November 2022 Mixtape

This month we’re taking you on a two and a half hour journey through the world of underground psychedelic jazz, soul and tropical exotica. Featuring new music from Jazzanova, The Sorcerers, Chip Wickham, Florence Adooni, Sam Wilkes, Kolumbo, Frowein Pedersen, Frank Dukes, Hether, Los Bitchos, Surprise Chef and a new jazz trio that I just discovered out in Sydney called Bentley.

If you don’t recognize any of the artists names above, then you are in for a real treat. You could be forgiven for thinking that some of this music was created decades ago with a few of the artists taking inspiration from the sounds of the 60s and 70s. But I think you will agree that overall, the mix has a very timeless quality. 

For good measure, we’ve also peppered in a bit of psychedelic rock in there as well, including another single from Paul Castelluzzo (aka Hether) — we featured a track from his new album, Play It Pretty, a couple months ago, and I just couldn’t help myself to putting another one into the mix. Anyway, this is a real trippy journey through all sorts of psychedelic genres. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Oh, and before we get into the mix, here are some interesting videos from the music featured on this month’s podcast:

The rad new Hether video for his new single, “escargo”:

The new video “twenty something” featuring Claude wearing some pretty sweet chainmail headgear:

Gabriel da Rosa’s Brazilian chill vibe:

But before you press play, check out our Ten Year Anniversary album in beautiful translucent yellow vinyl. Also available in a limited-edition marbled blue vinyl as well. If you want to give the record a sample before you buy, have a listen on our mixtape special podcast here.

November 2022 Mixtape Playlist

  1. Kolumbo – Lost Paraiso (06:25)
  2. Kutiman – Fresh Haze (14:24)
  3. Bon Voyage Organisation — Et S’éveillent (18:40)
  4. Don Glori – Dlareme (22:29)
  5. The Sorcerers – Summoning the Monkey God (45 Edit) (28:23)
  6. The Ironsides – Changing Light (31:29)
  7. Gianni Brezzo – Il Sole (36:00)
  8. Florence Adooni – Fo Yelle (40:14)
  9. Jazzanova – Saturday Night Special (45:00)
  10. Pinky Perzelle – No Games (feat. Eda Eren) (51:05)
  11. The Offline – Plage Des Casernes (56:35)
  12. Claude – twenty something (58:50)
  13. Gabriel da Rosa – Jasmim Parte 1 (01:02:03)
  14. Chip Wickham – Cloud 10 (01:05:33)
  15. Amanda Whiting – Abstraction (01:07:37)
  16. Sam Wilkes – Siri, How Do I Know If I Have Commitment Issues? (01:11:19)
  17. Bentley – Old Leather Lounge (live) (01:15:28)
  18. Run Logan Run – Silver Afternoon (feat. Annie Gardiner) (01:19:29)
  19. foshe – Pineapple (01:28:43)
  20. SOYUZ (СОЮЗ) – I Knew It (Feat. Kate NV) (Я Так И Знал) (01:32:58)
  21. Surprise Chef – The Positive and the Negative (Minoru Muraoka) (01:36:54)
  22. Lorenzo Morresi – Cosmica Italiana (01:41:53)
  23. Vanishing Twin – Phase One Million (01:45:02)
  24. Malphino – The Sleep Tree (01:50:24)
  25. LOS BITCHOS – Pista (Fresh Start) (01:54:02)
  26. Alice Phoebe Lou – Child’s Play (01:57:13)
  27. LAUNDROMAT – combo (02:04:46)
  28. Hether – escargo (02:08:03)
  29. Pure Colors & Soul Food Horns – Ascensión (02:12:04)
  30. Sababa 5 – Ya Hizali (feat. Shiran Tzfira) (02:15:21)
  31. Kikagaku Moyo – Dancing Blue (02:19:26)
  32. Frowein Pedersen – J. Park Theatre (02:25:35)
  33. Frank Dukes – The Classic Prince (02:29:09)
  34. The Staples Jr. Singers – When Do We Get Paid (02:32:00)