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Inspiration, not Imitation


They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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When it comes to the music, those who are  composers, musicians, and artists create because of  inspiration.  While surfing around youtube, I came upon a posting by a band who created music that was inspired by Van Halen; that is, they did not cover a VH song, but rather, inspired by the sound of the original Roth-Era Van Halen, created completely new music that is very obviously an homage to Eddie, Alex, Mike and Dave. Godpeed music has two tracks online, and I have played  them continuously, hoping they make more. The first track “5”9, very clearly channels “Jamie’s Cryin”, from 1978’s self titled “Van Halen” album, while “Hold Everything” finds it’s inspiration in “Unchained” from the 1980 album Fair Warning, The weird thing is that I actually like these songs more than the songs that they were inspired by.. interesting. I’ve included the original Van Halen songs as well. Have a listen, and see for yourself how cool this is. Also, I’ve included a video snippet of a 14 year old guitar ripper. She was born after Van Halen hired former Extreme frontman Gary Cherone to replace the ousted Sammy hagar as Van Halen’s set of pipes, and if you watch, it’s clear that she is ridiculously talented. Enjoy

[audio:|titles=New Van Halen Original Tribute song – _Hold Everything__1] [audio:|titles=Van Halen – Unchained (HD)] [audio:|titles=New Van Halen Original Tribute song Pt. 2 – _Five Nine__1] [audio:|titles=Van Halen_Jamie_s Crying]

and here’s the girl who rips! Thanks to Scott Dempsey for passing her along.


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